Our Markets

We offer the best product quality, an optimised price-performance balance, quick delivery times and extensive guarantee.

Building and Construction

ATP offers tape solutions for the roofing, window and flooring industries where we have a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing products for the perfect bonding of various materials.


ATP is a solvent free and waterbased adhesive tape producer and thus we are the ideal adhesive partner for the Automotive & Transport industry and the tier network of suppliers.

Medical and Healthcare

ATP is an innovative, technical and highly experienced adhesive tape and medical device manufacturer. We are a confidential partner to many leading healthcare organisations, offering an end-to-end medical device manufacturing service.


Development of graphic films, for printing, lamination and mounting applications and more specialized products like protective covers for security documents.

General Industrial Applications

ATP supplies in every industry, where tapes show an advantage, like heavy plant and machinery, gensets and power generators, renewable energy, packaging and leisure vehicles.


ATP develops bespoke adhesive tape films for loud-speaker membranes, electronic fixations and insulation films.

White Goods & Appliances

ATP develops and produces customized pressure sensitive products for following applications: Acoustic Insulation, fixation of NVH foams and heavy mass layers, door sealing, seals and gaskets Heat shields.

Speciality Labels

We offer a bespoke range of adhesive tapes and films for the manufacture of speciality labels. Our capability as the adhesive formulator and coater ensures that we are well placed to offer a solution for almost every requirement.

Optical Industry

ATP is your ideal partner for the development and production of protective films and adhesive solutions for the optical industry. Contact us with your requirement.

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